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Honey bread tastes like a hundred years ago

Made according to a century-old recipe

This Honey bread recipe is like a time capsule, preserved unchanged since ancient times. It is not only a recipe, but also a heritage of artisans passed down from generation to generation. Created a hundred years ago and still strictly followed, this recipe is a symbol of authenticity and tradition.

Made from natural products

Our dough recipe is a carefully guarded family secret, passed down from generation to generation. We faithfully follow the old traditions, using only natural products, as our great-grandfathers did centuries ago. This sincere respect for tradition not only ensures the high quality of the produced dough, but also allows our customers to taste the real, time-tested taste.

Our team

Alvydas Griškevičius is a third-generation honey bread master who continues the family tradition with the utmost dedication. His honey breads are not only deliciously pleasing to the stomach, but also tell the secrets of the craft, which he inherited from previous generations. Each honey bread made by Alvydas is like a culinary poem, in which old recipes and the latest enchanting tricks of the master come to life.

Ana Griškevičienė, Alvyda's wife, not only supports her husband warmly but is also involved in the art of baking honey bread herself. She is not only a baker, but also actively participates in nurturing honey bread traditions. Together, they create new recipes and improve old ones, becoming an integral part of the Honey bread Baking family. Together, Ana and Alvydus not only share a love for each other but also a common passion for honey bread, which becomes the fruit of their joint creation.

Petras Griškevičius is a fourth-generation gingerbread master who proudly continues the family tradition. In his hands, honey bread becomes not only a delicious dessert but also an artistic expression that reflects the subtleties of the craft and love for details. Each honey bread he makes is a combination of history, flavor and passion.

Emilija Griškevičiūtė is a fourth-generation honey bread baker who not only continues the family tradition but also enriches it with new ideas. Her honey bread is more than a dessert - it's a true art that intertwines ages, family secrets, and the latest culinary inventions. Each gingerbread made by Emilia is a triumph of taste, love, and creativity.

Alvydas Griškevičius

Anna Griškevičienė

Petras Griškevičius

Emilija Griškevičiutė